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What Is Zirconium?

Zirconium is a more natural and aesthetic white alloy that is often used in smile aesthetics, replacing the classic grey metal. It is used in dental restoration, dental coverings and bridge treatments which cannot be distinguished from your own teeth. Thanks to its durability and long life, it is far more useful than metal alloy applications.

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What To Know About Zirconium?

What Are The Advantage of Zirconium Teeth?

Zirconium teeth provide an opaque appearance because they can pass light. Thus, it can be used in both front and rear teeth and provides a realistic and natural appearance as the main teeth. It does not cause any allergic reaction to people with metal allergy and does not give any metal taste to the mouth. Because its compatibility with the tissues, it does not cause tooth sensitivity or tooth pull and it lasts longer.

Are Zirconium Teeth Durable?

Zirconium teeth are more durable than metal-based teeth. As there is no stretching in the zirconium teeth, there is no breakage or fragmentation. In addition, it has a texture that is compatible with both the gums and the adjacent teeth.

Do Zirconium Teeth Turn Yellow Like Normal Teeth?

Zirconium teeth have a smooth structure thanks to the smooth porcelain coating. Therefore, plaque deposition does not occur on zirconium teeth. Even the frequent consumption of beverages such as coffee and tea does not cause staining in zirconium teeth. One of the reasons why they are preferred for aesthetics is that they have a structure that is resistant to yellowing and staining.

Who Can Get Zirconium Treatment?

Zirconium treatment can be applied to anyone who wants an aesthetic appearance of teeth. It does not cause allergies like metal-based teeth. All ages are suitable for treatment, but it is not recommended for people aged between 18 and 20 years because of their development. The zirconium treatments performed in this age range have to be renewed because the jaw growth will cause tooth cavities.

What Are the Zirconium Coating Prices?

Zirconium coating and other zirconium dental treatment prices may vary and giving a price without a personalized examination could be unethical. The size of the procedure, the tools to be used and the doctor to perform the treatment are very important. Zirconium teeth are more durable than metal alloy treatment and are more expensive as they look more aesthetically pleasing.

What Is Zirconium Treatment For?

The use of zirconium treatment is broad. In the case of broken or cut teeth, metal bridges or crowned teeth, correction of discrete and crooked teeth, restoration of discoloured fillings and in cases where the filling is not sufficient, zirconium tooth coating treatment may be used.

What Should Be Considered for Zirconium Coating and Zirconium Dental Treatment?

Zirconium coating and zirconium dental treatment is a little more expensive because it provides a longer lifetime and a more aesthetic appearance than metal infrastructure treatments. For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing a dentist and polyclinic. The technological tools to be used, the quality of the alloy to be used and the expertise of the doctor in this regard are the biggest points to be considered. In addition, a general examination should be made before the treatment, especially if there is a discomfort in your gums and if you have a gum problem, you should first resolve the gum problem.