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Smile To Life With Dental Implant

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Why Alldent Dental Polyclinic?


Lifetime Assurance

Dental implant placement is just as long-lasting as our own teeth. Dental implant treatment in Alldent has a lifetime guarantee.


A Healthy Mouth

With dental implant treatment, you can have a healthy mouth without damaging the neighbouring teeth. So, you can chew the food and catch the feeling of crushing it with your own teeth.


Self-confidence and Comfort

Dental implant treatment regenerates 100% of your oral health and aesthetics. With dental implant treatment, you can enjoy life-long comfort by having an aesthetic smile and healthy teeth.

What Is Dental Implant?

These are the great designs of dentists and engineers, made of titanium, applied to the jawbone for the purpose of chewing, aesthetics and speech to replace lost teeth. So, we can say that artificial tooth roots.

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What To Know About Dental Implant?

How to make dental implant treatment?

Implant placement is a painless surgical procedure performed in the clinic with local anaesthesia by dental specialists after a good medical history (getting information from the patient), clinical and radiological examination.

How long does dental implant treatment take?

Implant placement takes about 15 minutes for each implant.  The patient can return to the routine life the next day or 2 days after the implant treatment. For osseointegration, in other words; for fusing the implant to jawbone must elapse 2-4 months. This period can be shortened using bone graft (bone powder).

Is dental implant treatment harmful to be applied within a day?

If there is no infection in the missing tooth area and the patient’s bone condition is sufficient, implant treatment can be performed within one day with immediate implant treatment. If the jaw structure of the patient is appropriate and there is no problem in tomography results, implant treatment is not applied in one day. Therefore, if you are eligible for implant treatment within a day, this treatment is not harmful to you.

Can people who grind teeth be treated dental implant?

Yes, they can. But in this case, dental implant prostheses must be designed by considering this situation. Prostheses which apply less press should be made to implants. And the night plate should be used.

Can heart patients receive dental implant treatment?

Yes, they can. However, it would be more appropriate to do this after consultation with the cardiologist.

What should be considered after dental implant treatment?

The most important is oral hygiene and care. Especially, it is very important to keep the implant clean. Therefore, it is important to use correct brushing, use of dental floss, right interface toothbrushes and mouthwash.

I'm smoking. Can I get implant treatment?

Smoking is not an obstacle to implant treatment, but it has been observed in scientific studies that the risk of falling of the implant tooth in smokers increased by 2 -3 times. Therefore, it is recommended that people who will have implant treatment should not smoke.

Will I have pain after implant treatment? Will my face swell after implant treatment?

A slight swelling and discoloration on your cheek after the implant treatment is expected and normal. After the implant treatment, the swelling and redness will be largely eliminated using the ice compress or cold tampon within 24 hours. There is no severe pain after implant treatment. When you use medicines, which are given by the doctor before and after implant treatment, these problems occur a little or never.

What should I be careful in implant tooth?

There are many important points to consider in implant tooth and the treatment of implant. Implant tooth brand must be certified and known brand. Because as a biological process, the structure of bone will change over the years. It is important that the implant remains in the mouth when the bone structure changes. Therefore, the implants which have been followed up and have proven success according to scientific data should be preferred. At the same time, the dentist who will administer the treatment of implant should perform this treatment beforehand, should be experienced and reliable. Even if you have chosen the world’s best quality implant tooth, implant treatment fails if your doctor’s experience and expertise are weak. For this reason, it is important to work with specialist dentists and experienced clinics such as Alldent.

What are dental implant prices and implant treatment prices?

Implant treatment is a surgical operation and can be costly compared to other dental treatments because it is guaranteed for life. But after the treatment, the result you get and the oral health you gain will last a lifetime. Considering that, the prices will be low. Implant treatment prices change according to the patient’s mouth oil, bone condition and quality of the implant tooth used.

How many implants are suitable for toothless mouths?

The lower jawbone is compact because the upper jawbone is spongier than the lower jaw, if a fixed prosthesis is considered and 6 implants are made in the lower jaw and 8 in the upper jaw, success will be achieved in the long term.

Who should not receive implant treatment?

Since the implant is applied to the bone, the bone age of the patient must be completed. Implant treatment is not applied to people under 18 years of age, uncontrolled diabetes patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy, people who are not eligible for measurements in radiological examinations, those who are over-smoker and do not have adequate oral hygiene.