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Why Alldent Dental Polyclinic


Children are the Future

Children are the most important part of the future and the present for us. Their mouth and dental health are the most important issue for us and we are always on your side.


Only for Children

In our polyclinic, we provide services with our experienced pedodontics and we are always working to keep our children happy and healthy.


It’s Our Job to Make You Laugh!

Dental appointments may be sometime our children’s fearful dreams. However, we make our appointment enjoyable and fun for the children and do everything we can to make them happy before and after the examination.

What Is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics is commonly known as child dentistry and it is for children between 0-14 years of age. As Alldent, we apply preventive dental treatments and trainings with our experienced pedodontics to make our children happy and smiley.

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What To Know About Pedodontics?

Are Children's Dentists Different from Other Dentists?

Paediatric dentists are specialists in pedodontics. They offer both preventive therapies for all oral and dental health issues of the children between the ages of 0-14. They also can give trainings and advice for children in areas such as tooth development, tooth brushing, oral care.

When Should My Child's First Dentist Appointment Be?

You can get your first dentist appointment right after your child’s first tooth appears. In the first examination, which is usually between 6 to 12 months, the first examination can prevent many problems that may occur in the future, and you can listen to everything you need to do for your child’s oral and dental health.

What is Bottle Caries? How to Prevent It?

Bottle caries are the bruises that can be formed as a result of the mother’s breastfeeding during the night or feeding the babies with a bottle all night. In order to prevent the baby bottle caries, the baby should be breastfed, or bottle fed long before the long sleep, and the bottle shouldn’t be given just before sleep or during sleep. It is good to make to drink water after feeding with bottle or wipe the baby’s mouth with a wet cloth.

When Do Babies Get Their First Tooth?

Baby’s got their first teeth when they were little, and they were called milk teeth. Between the 6-12 months cuts teeth, between 18-24 months canine teeth and between 12-30-month molars begin to emerge. At the 30th month, the milk teeth of the babies are completed. For this reason, the first 6 to 30-month dental visits to the dentists are very important for the baby to have a healthy oral and dental structure.

My Child is Afraid to Go to the Dentist. What Should I Do?

Children usually do not like to go to a doctor, especially dentists. With our pedodontics, we play games and sing songs to break this understanding and have a good time with children. Therefore, before you come to the appointment, saying “do not be afraid, it’s not going to hurt” or “if we do not go, we have to pull your tooth” such words will actually give them the idea to be afraid. Instead, you can talk to us and find out what we are going to do on the appointment and share it with your child.

When Should Kids Start Brushing Teeth?

Oral and dental care should be started from the moment the first teeth comes out. With soft tools that are specially developed for babies, you can do both tooth scratching and tooth cleaning. You can use a soft, wet cloth to wipe baby’s gums. Once your baby’s teeth are out, you can start brushing baby’s teeth with fluoride-free toothpaste and children’s toothbrushes until the time your dentist recommends.

Can my Child Teeth be Safe from Caries?

If there is a tendency to decay in milk teeth, this can be predicted and prevented during examination by the pedodontist. In order to protect children’s teeth with fissure sealant, areas prone to caries are covered with a protective matter. This fissure sealant application is also known as dental vaccine. With this application that lasts for a few minutes and does not give pain, bruises can be prevented.

Is Fluorine Application Required?

If the tooth areas of children are determined to be decayed, fluorine application is very important in order to avoid many bad problems. With a painless process that lasts only five minutes by applying tooth enamel strengthening gel, bruises and fillings may be avoided in the future. It is recommended by pedodontist because it is a protector against caries and strengthens the structure of the teeth.