Conservative dental treatment is a treatment that removes the decay in the dentine.

With conservative dental treatment, problems such as dental caries or tooth extraction are prevented. In this respect, conservative dental treatment can be seen as an early diagnosis and is of great importance.

How Is Conservative Dental Treatment Get Done?

With the help of technologically advanced tools, the bruises on the teeth are treated painlessly by the specialist dentist. After removal of these harmful tissues, the process is carried out to protect the remaining healthy tissues and to remove any gaps in the teeth. The type of filling to be applied is determined by the condition of the tooth and the size of the damage.

There are two types of fillers that are most commonly used:

Amalgam Fillings:
Amalgam fillers, also known as silver fillers, are a preferred type of filler because they are long-lasting, durable and economical. Approximately 45% of the amalgam fillings is from mercury and it forms a strong mixture with silver, copper and tin. Although the amalgam filler has been reported to be harmful to health it is used for more than 150 years and its damage has not been proven yet.

Composite Fillers:
Composite filler is a second preferred type of filler because it has a close colour with the natural teeth and gives an aesthetically better appearance unlike the amalgam filler. In our clinic, beam composite filling treatment is performed. With this beam treatment, the composite filler layer is placed, and a suitable shape is given to the tooth. Composite fillings are not only used to remove caries but also to change the shape and colour of the tooth.